About the MSA

Welcome to the Marketing Students Association!
The MSA was founded in June 2015 by Dr. Aldon Tull, Head of the Department of Marketing Studies, Division of Commerce, Barbados Community College.   Dr. Tull challenAT3ged members of the 2013 – 2015 marketing cohort to form the MSA to “help  themselves”.  A small group of students took up the challenge to form a Steering Committee and the MSA held its first meeting on Wednesday 03 June, 2015.

Ann_King2During that first meeting, Miracle-Ann King, a Marketing Major student, was selected as the Chairperson of the Steering Committee. More details can be found on the History of the MSA page (upcoming).

The purpose of the MSA is stated clearly in its constitution:

  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of issues pertinent to marketing students.
  2. To help members further their interest in marketing as a career.
  3. To represent the interest of members to the appropriate College authorities.
  4. To support teaching and learning activities in the Department of Marketing Studies.

Membership of the MSA is open not only to students taking Marketing as a major or full degree but students of the following programmes:

  •  Business Studies
  • Mass Communications
  • Fine Arts
  • Computer Studies
  • Accounting

The constitution also makes provision for honorary membership which opens the association to participation from tutors and other members.  Members pay an annual fee which is determined from time to time by the Executive Committee. The current membership form is available here.