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Focus Group Participants Required

This opportunity just in from the Centre for Marketing Excellence.  The company is looking for individuals to participate in a focus group to be held during the week 8 – 13 May.

Focus  groups are an important research tool used by many companies across the world. They are designed to give companies and other organizations a quick overview of consumers’ thoughts about some product or service of  interest.

This particular research project is about a FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Good); one bought by most householders.   Professional ethics do not allow the CCME to disclose the product at this time.

Participants will engage in a 1 – 2 hour discussion led by a moderator.   Dr. Aldon Tull, Principal Consultant  with the CCME, points out that a focus group is not an interview, so participants can respond to each other and raise issues as they see fit, of course, at the discretion of the moderator.

Focus group participants get paid. While the stipend will not pay your mortgage or knock hundreds off your food bill, it is usually enough to make you feel that the hour or two you spent talking with a small group ( 8 – 10 persons) was worth you while, especially if you understand that, in so doing, you helped some local company do a better job of marketing its goods and services.

Tips For Passing BCC Exams: Check the Keywords

readingOne way of ensuring that you gain the most marks in an exam is to read the question VERY carefully.  In many tertiary institutions testing has matured and exams must be moderated so that they are more candidate-friendly. Gone are the days when an examiner could put the following on an exam paper:

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Tips for Passing BCC Exams

study4Students are often heard to say : “I don’t know what the tutor wants!” In an institution like the BCC, where there is a wide variety of courses, this may very well sum up how you feel about your courses and the coming exams.

Exams in Law are different from those in Literature  which are different from those in Mathematics and Economics.  So, the first problem in preparing for exams, is getting some sense of the kind of questions that are asked and the answers expected in different courses. This can be obtained in several ways:

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MSA Offers Peer Tutoring for Semester I Exams

msa_peer_tutoring_posterThe MSA has announced that it will be assisting first year  students  in preparing for this semester’s exams scheduled to start in the first week of December.

This assistance comes in the form of peer tutoring where fellow students like yourself will offer tuition help for the subjects of this semester’s exams.

Second year students Rasheed Bryan ( MSA Marketing Officer) and Jamisha Ifill   ( MSA  member)  are the first to volunteer as peer tutors.   If you are an MSA member and think you can help your fellow students, please let us know at the MSA.


To make use of this fantastic opportunity, contact the President at 825-6531 or email:

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