New Date for Semester Start

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The official word from the BCC administration is that teaching for the new semester August – December, 2016 will start on Monday 5 September.  This is good news for tutors who traditionally are required to begin teaching on the first – well really the second day of the new semester – as the first day is generally a staff meeting.   It is doubly good news for those tutors who may have had to teach from the word go  and still be involved in selecting and orienting new students.

It is also good news for some second year students who will find themselves with two extra weeks of vacation on their hands.   But not all second years may think this  is a good thing because It means two weeks less to cover the syllabi of their courses, some of which can be very long.

However, the move by the BCC administration, headed by new principal, Dr. Ian Austin, levels the playing field between first and second  year students.   In the past, first year students started the semester two or sometimes three weeks behind and had to play catch up.  Now every one  will be playing the game of catch up!

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