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Tips For Passing BCC Exams: Check the Keywords

readingOne way of ensuring that you gain the most marks in an exam is to read the question VERY carefully.  In many tertiary institutions testing has matured and exams must be moderated so that they are more candidate-friendly. Gone are the days when an examiner could put the following on an exam paper:

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Tips for Passing BCC Exams

study4Students are often heard to say : “I don’t know what the tutor wants!” In an institution like the BCC, where there is a wide variety of courses, this may very well sum up how you feel about your courses and the coming exams.

Exams in Law are different from those in Literature  which are different from those in Mathematics and Economics.  So, the first problem in preparing for exams, is getting some sense of the kind of questions that are asked and the answers expected in different courses. This can be obtained in several ways:

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MSA Involved in Orientation 2016

Image02Members of the MSA Executive are planning to meet new Marketing students and students of other programmes making up the target market of the organization,  during orientation week which begins  Monday 29 August.

All across the world, orientation is a big event in  the life of any college or university and one that generates much anxiety;  orientation at the Barbados Community College (BCC) is no different on either count!

Having passed this way before themselves,  members of the MSA Executive are keen to do their part to help make orientation at the BCC easier for new students.  At the same time, members of the Executive are  determined  to carry out their  mandate to market the  Association and, of  course,  gain practical marketing experience in the process. Their CVs are beginning to look good already!

According to email  releases from the President, Miracle-Ann King, the MSA will meet with Computer Studies students on Wednesday 31 August from 10.30 – 10.45 a.m.    Students in Computer Studies as well as Business Studies, Accounting, Fine Arts and Mass Communications can apply for associate membership in the MSA.

The MSA membership form can be downloaded here.

The MSA wishes to express its thanks to Mrs.  Debbie Best, Senior Tutor (ag) of the Division, for accommodating the MSA  at this hectic time.    The Executive would also like to thank the Senior Tutors or Department heads in the other divisions or departments in advance for their support. The MSA plans to meet with students in the other target divisions during the semester.

On Friday 2 September, the Executive will meet with new students in the Division of Commerce. This will  provide an opportunity for the MSA to meet with new students taking Business Studies,  Accounting  and course, Marketing.   The Division of Commerce is the home base of the MSA and the Senior Tutor (ag)  there, Mrs. Patricia Gall, has been very supportive of the MSA from the inception.